Board of 2021-2022

Ilayda Siner – Vice President | Nina – PR Officer | Janne van Oosterhout – Treasurer | Lonne Ravensbergen – Chairwoman

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Lonne Ravensbergen – Chairwoman of T.S.T.V. Saltare

I am Lonne and I am 21 years old. I started this year with my master in Economics and at the same time my board function as chairman at Saltare. I only joined Saltare last year, after not having done any gymnastics since my early childhood. Already after my first training, I fell back in love with gymnastics and I immediately knew Saltare was the right association for me. Everyone is so open, friendly and eager to welcome you to the association!

As a chairman I lead the board by preparing the board meetings and making sure everyone is able to do their tasks. Next to that I keep in contact with new and existing members, mostly during the trainings and via online communication channels. I also make sure we keep a good relationship with other student sports associations and the Sports Center. 

In my free time, besides gymnastics, I enjoy to dance and go to the gym. I also love travelling, so I will be out of the country quite a few times this year. Of course, when I am in Tilburg you can catch me at the trainings!


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Ilayda Siner – Vice President of T.S.T.V. Saltare

My name is Ilayda, I am a 22 year old psychology bachelors student at Tilburg University, and I am the Vice-President of T.S.T.V. Saltare. My love for gymnastics started at the young age of four, when I would go to training twice a week in a very small town in Germanyy. However, when I had to move countries at age 10, I had to quit. Nevertheless, after not having touched the bars or stood on a beam for over 10 years, I decided to try training again when I started University. That is when I found T.S.T.V. Saltare. Eventhough my skills were practically nonexistent anymore, everyone welcomed me with open arms, gave me tips, stood by my fails and celebrated my sucesses! 

My Board functions include maintains general contact with members, sister associations, student sports associations, sports associations, FOSST, members and other contact persons, working on public relations together with the PR Officer, and attending weekly board meetings. 

Besides doing gymnastics and fulfilling my board function at T.S.T.V. Saltare, I am also on the board of Student Party Stimulus as the Educational Resources Manager, and am doing an internship at the GoLab for Clinical and Medical Psychology. I also have a passion for art, and love making and selling cute stationery items!

Janne van Oosterhout – Treasurer of T.S.T.V. Saltare

About Janne: 

Nina – Public Relations Officer of T.S.T.V. Saltare