Carolina Ameling

carolina2Hi, my name is Carolina and i am the treasure of Saltare. I’ve always lived in Belgium but by blood i’m Colombian because I was adopted when I was a baby.

I’m 23 years young now and really love gymnastics. As a kid a was really active and IΒ  loved jumping and tumbling all around the house but… my parents didn’t liked that because of the furniture LOL. So that was the moment they said I had to try gymnastics. And so I trained for years to get better. I have trained 15 hours a week and enjoyed doing competitions a lot. Saddly enough I struggled with two injuries. I had to stop when I was 16 because of the pain.

In Antwerp (Belgium) I did freerunning and fitness but when I came to Tilburg for the study psychology I found the association Saltare. I really wanted to do gymnastics again and when I came for the first time i knew this was gonna be my favorite place. Everybody is so lovely and full of energy and… the crazyness, I love it. I also became an assistant trainer this year. so it’s possible I’ll give the training sometimes. Because I am so involved with the trainings I decided to join the board. I actually like the responsibility and the board members are amazing.

Beside of gymnastics I had a lot of hobby’s. I have danced for a while, played tennis for a few years, followed music lessons and played guitar and a little piano. For now I also squash and fitness. Of course I like to sing all day but it’s not a talent of me hihi. I think I’m most of the time a sportive, happy and crazy person and I really love to play games becauseIi really love to hang out with friends.