History of Saltare

Before TSTV Saltare existed students already trained in various levels at a location of Fontys sport studies in Tilburg. After a few years the need to create an association among the students became bigger. This because, when you’re a student association, there are more possibilities to participate in competitions and other activities. Also, with a name and as an official organization, much more publicity would be possible.

In 2011 TSTV Saltare was founded by M. Sterk and R. Levering. TSTV stands for Tilburgse Studenten Turn Vereniging, which simply means Student Gymnast Association from Tilburg. Saltare is Latin for Salto. It didn’t start with a big group of students, but certainly a fun one. Everyone was, and still is, welcome to participate in their own way and level.

In the board year of 2013-2014, Saltare had to move to another location in Tilburg. Saltare almost came to an end this year. But after working hard for the association and with a few new people coming into the association, Saltare luckily could continue to exist. Gym de Salto became our new location, a fresh new start for everyone.

In 2014 our trainer M. Hamers stopped and we had to find a new trainer. This became T. Claessen, who is still our trainer right now. His new energy had a positive effect on everyone! Bit by bit our association grew by the year and slowly the group expanded with even more fun students of various levels of training.

In the past years TSTV Saltare earned some publicity among the other student gymnast associations, we were present at every event and won great prices at competitions. And still we’re one of the gymnast associations and grew even bigger, like we never dared to dream.

Now, we can be proud of our name among student sport associations. We organize barbecue’s, drinks, game nights and parties. We’re active on social media, just launched our brand-new website and also have our own competition clothing. Almost every year a new board creates a new boost for TSTV Saltare, thanks to the first up until the latest board we can be proud of a bigger, more open and still growing association. And for many more years to come.

Previous Saltare Boards

2016 – 2017:

Anouk Vercuijsse, Florence An Haack, Dion, Kevin Boon

2017 – 2018:

Michael Muller, Channah Beckers, Jiske Verhaar, Kevin Boon

2018 – 2019:

Darryl Kock, Charlotte Adriaansen, Joyce Huijers, Paul Hensen

2019 – 2020:

Anne Smink, Bodhi Zouteriks, Carolina Ameling, Joyce Hu, Tatum van Gils

2020 – 2021:

Anne Smink, Bodhi Zouteriks, Carolina Ameling, Elske Vogelzang, Florence An Haack, Gaby Smits, Günes Ilayda Siner, Jeroen Stoot, Jiske Verhaar, Matias Rijo, Tatum van Gils, Tom Rutten, Yuri Gassner

2021 – 2022:

Lonne Ravensbergen, Janne van Oosterhout, Nina