Registration for Membership

Saltare accepts new members all year round. You can become a member at any time by asking a board member at training for a Membership Form. Once you fill it in and return it to a board member, your registration will commence!

Members get to enjoy all social activities, parties, and competitions Saltare has to offer! Also, as a member, you can apply to be a Board Member for the upcoming year.

If you decide to become a member of Saltare you will have to pay the membership fees and be in possession of a TiU Sports Membership, which gives you access to all Sports Center facilities, and sports.

If you’re hyped and want to sign up right away, contact us!

Membership Fees

Yearly Membership


Half-Year Membership


Cancellation of Membership

Cancellation requests need to be made in writing by sending an email to:

If a cancellation request is not made, your membership will automatically renew itself indefinitely.