Board Members 2023-2024!

Do you want Saltare to keep being an amazing student association?

Do you have new ideas to improve Saltare? Are you motivated to take initiative and show leadership?

Are you ready to improve your skills and develop new ones?

Would you want a position that would look amazing on your CV?

Then a part-time board year at Saltare is for you! You can do your board year along with your studies, and gain amazing board year experiences.

What does a Board Year at Saltare encompass?

There are a few general board responsibilities:

  • (bi-)Weekly board meetings
  • Writing a management plan
  • First point of contact for questions
  • Updating Members on events
  • Contact with KNGU & NSTB
  • Contact with external parties
  • Subscribing members to competitions
  • Advertising the Association/Recruiting Members
  • Other activities
    • Uni Events (Top week, Fontys, etc…)
    • Workshops / courses (Training Assistant, First Aid, …)

Board Positions


The chair(wo)man is ‘the point of contact’ within the association and for the other sister associations in the Netherlands. He/she directs the board and schedules meetings. The chairman takes care of the agendas of the board meetings (at the latest one day before the meeting) and the general members’ meeting (at the latest one week before the meeting). The chairman is also present at the chairman’s meeting of the Dutch Student Gymnastics Association (NSTB). In addition, the chairman maintains the membership administration and ensures that registrations for competitions are arranged on time. Finally, the chairman, in consultation with the other board members, draws up the policy plan of the association.


Together with the Secretary, the Vice-chairman maintains general contact with members, sister associations, student sports associations, sports associations, FOSST, members and other contact persons. For the realization of activities, the Vice-chairman directs the activities committee. The Vice-President also takes over the duties of the President in the event of absence.


The treasurer is responsible for all financial tasks within the board. He/she makes the budget, (interim) realization and the (interim) balance. The treasurer also processes the association’s income and expenditure in the accounts. He/she writes accounts for the members and notifies the members of these accounts. Prior to activities, the treasurer decides, in consultation with the other board members, how much budget can be spent. In addition, the treasurer is responsible for purchasing/ordering club clothing. The treasurer will charge the costs of the clothing to the members. In addition, the treasurer is checked every two years by the cash committee to prevent fraud.


The secretary maintains general contact with members, sister associations, student sports associations, sports associations, FOSST, members and other contact persons. If e-mails are received for the other board members, they are sent by the secretary to the correct board member. The secretary also answers the other documents received. In addition to maintaining the e-mail, the secretary is explicitly involved in maintaining contact with Tilburg University, the trainer of the student gymnastics association and with the gymnastics association Kunst en Kracht. This contact can take place digitally, but also during conversations. The secretary is also involved in the organization of activities, including drinks, outings, clinics and activities with other student sports associations. The organization takes place in consultation with the other board members. Finally, the secretary writes minutes after each meeting, which he/she shares with the other board members/members.


The PR officer carries out tasks regarding promotion and social media. With regard to promotion, the PR officer maintains the association’s website and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube). He/she will also be responsible for providing and/or creating content for these media. He/she is also involved in the design and purchase of promotional material, including flyers, posters, flags, stickers and the promotion of trips among the members. He/she is also involved in recruiting sponsors for, for example, club shirts.


To help you in your board year, Saltare currently has two committees: the PR committee and the Activity Committee (AcCo). It can be useful to either have one board member in each committee (to keep track of their progress) or make sure you regularly ask the committees (for example during your own board meeting) how things are going and whether they are working on something. Also, if you have nice ideas or need something, you can ask them if they can do it for you.

PR committee

The PR committee is responsible for creating any kind of (creative) content to promote Saltare (both through social media and by creating awesome Saltare merchandise). Responsibilities/tasks from the PR committee include for example:

  • Designing a new logo or Saltare house style
  • Updating the Saltare website
  • Designing printed promo (flyers, posters, stickers, etc.)
  • Designing Saltare merchandise (sweaters, pants, socks, hats, keychains, etc.) (and ensuring that they are being produced and distributed).
  • Creating and posting social media content (staying active & promoting via Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. and doing Instagram Takeovers)

Activity committee (AcCo)

The Acco is responsible for organising all fun (official) Saltare activities like social activities (also after training), fun workshops and any other kind of group activity. Their goal is to organise an activity approximately once every month. The Acco takes care of:

  • Organising the activity
  • Estimate the costs and ask for permission at the treasure
  • Book the actual activity
  • Inform the members